Candy to the Rescue IV: Le Scepter of Thunders


(SPACE) Jump
(Shift) Run/Surf
(Enter) Take Items/Trow Items
(Alt) Attack

(R) Toogle Noopy's Ball
(T) Use and throw Noopy's Ball

(L) Let fall the Freesbies

(P) Use Wirl
(N) Go previous Wirl
(M) Go next Wirl

(Y) Change characters Candy/Noopy
(O) Look Golden Bones list

(+) Ajust Bonus all taken
(-) Ajust Bonus all not taken

(J) Walk on water/Swim underwater
(TAB) Dig the ground

(F1) Progress Menu(Load Save)
(F2) Toogle Pointer
(F3) Toogle Sounds and Music
(F4) Toogle Hud and Map

(F6) Toogle Fireflies

(F11) Take a Screenshot case
(F12) Take a Screenshot

Candy to the Rescue IV: Become saver of a World